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Marilyn K. Dorlac's, many Accomplishments:

  • New 2011 Member of the Prestigious National Honor Society
  • Member since 2010 Cambridge Who's Who Honored member of The Remington Registry, a 10 year member of the NAACP
  • Honored member of The Remington Registry, a 10 year member of the NAACP
  • Marilyn K. Dorlac is a valued Member of the Better Business Bureau since 2009.
  • UCLA Film School Graduate with a Certificate in Producing


Book Cover
Book Cover

Let me start with The President. Yes... President Obama is our President..Reflecting back... I think all of our Presidents have been white... Were all suppose to be color blind?...Personally I really do not see any President as black or white, what I really see is a powerful man who can and will lead the country. I reflect back and remember JFK and when the President spoke the world stood still, and that to me was amazing everyone with a T.V. or a radio was glued to their seats and did not move until he was off the air. Now as a grown up woman, I say to myself, why should it be any different now, he is the President? I often think to myself what do the children in our country think with all of this going on? "Will there be a exuberant leader when they grow up to look up to? Or are we headed for the end now?" "My true and final words today is I don't feel that this country can be lead solely by one Democratic Party, or One Republican Party, we all must come together as one and remain united in order to turn this country around!" "We must join hands first in this great strong USA, and then all over the world to form a rainbow of friendships just like the late Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. said; and Whites, Blacks, Jews, Indian, Hispanics, all races can walk hand in hand and laugh and play being color blind to each other! Written by, Marilyn K. Dorlac, American Citizen.

You know it used to be that a person could eat a slice of apple pie and a few spoonfuls of ice cream and not have to worry about putting on too much weight. I read the other day that their is stuff in the food that is making us fatter and causing a mushroom effect of obesity in our country which will effect every man, woman, and child. I really think that we need to go back to a simpler way of life. Everything is manufactured and prepackaged we don't even know what were eating anymore. What has happened to boiling a pot of potatoes, preparing a fresh garden salad, going out to a lake and catching a fresh salmon and cooking it over a outside pit. Our taste buds have become so programmed to crave sugar, we eat it then we develop diabetes and then we slowly die... That's why there's fresh apples, melons, berries, kiwis, and so many fruits to name that will surely cure your sugar blues away!

Base ball and hot dogs, I think of when it was fun to go to the ball game and see your team win. Now there is too much infuses placed on the team to win and way too much money til the team can't even make a basket anymore. Who's really enjoying the game anyway? Coaches cursing, team members dropping dead from stress, fans threatening and saying, "yawl better win tonight or I ain't gonna wear your jersey no mo!" "Who gives a darn about the hot dogs anymore?

A place to call home...The all American Dream... Home Ownership...That's until predatory lending came into town. Theirs guns drawn...Holding every homeowner hostage, until they peacefully and passively handed over the keys. But who owns the note anyway? But their is still hope, I do believe hold onto your doc's and prey like hell.

NO, No, No the banks say...you don't have enough capitol in your small business were sorry Mr. Smith we can't give you no money. Make a million then we'll talk to you...But have faith in yourself and don't give up, nothing ever defeated a doer, by giving up to soon! The sky is the limit so go for it.

My Teacher said, Boys and girls go to college and get an education and you'll land that big job. How can we focus on our work when bombs are being exploding on college campuses? I guess my teacher didn't know about extremist? But I still have hope in college, I am still going to go because I want to be somebody one day! A Dr., An Attorney, or preferably a Business Owner.

And lastly, the economy who is going to fix it. We need money to feed our families, clothe ourselves, we have to have an automobile to drive ourselves to work and back to our homes, but mostly we need our dignity and pride back in the American Dream again. One thing for sure is that only God knows for sure... The President promises it will get better...So lets see...I do want to believe that it will get better God, will you please help us? Amen! God Bless America!

This writing is from my own personal true will, and serves no purpose to slander anyone. My intent is to motivate and share a bit of my freedom with the world.

X Marilyn K. Dorlac

"Native Amazon Productions LLC, Newly Trade Marked, with the United Patent and Trade Mark Office"
Commission for Trade Marks...

Marilyn K. Dorlac, Owner

"I world really like for the world to know that I am now becoming a bonfied Director/Producer through UCLA Certificate Program!" I have taken three classes in the field of Documentary,Directing, and Production/Producing at UCLA. last yeat 2019 Dorlac, took the Entertainment Law Certificate class, which I received the only A+ out of a class of 38 students! In 2017 Dorlac took her first class at UCLA, The Craft of the Director, where she began her Producer/Director, Journey into the true world of movie and television.

This year, Dorlac, has enrolled again in the Independant Producing Certificate Program classes at UCLA located in LOS Angeles, CA. DorIac ads, "I am driven to succeed in my dreams, no matter what, and turn them into a huge reality! "I will succeed, by the blessing of God"!

Marilyn says, she is finally reaching her dreams as a really hard working Business/Entreprenuer. Marilyn K. Dorlac, has also received and earned her seat at the round table with the Honor Society along with other high achievers such as Mr. Antonio R. Villaraigosa. Which, Mr, Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa, is Awared his own honorary certificate at that time, where as he said, "I accept it with gratitude and I wish you all best of luck."

Dorlac has lots to be proud of these days. Now, Mrs. Dorlac finds herself as the reecepient of accepting honors from the "Honors Society Certificate program. Where as she says, it didn't even sink in what she had occomplished by achieving a grade point average of 3.15. Dorlac's, "I can do it", attitued, she says, and being recongnized by, Mr. Villaraigosa, and the honor society certificate program, has allowed me to see, that hard work and determination does pay off, and that you never know, who is watching you, and what might happen to you in a really positive way, like it did for me." "Look at me now, I am a Member of the UCLA's, "Honor Society Certificate Program". She adds, "I am humble and forever gratefull to Mr. Villaraigosa and the "Honor Society".

Dorlac says, she has many endevors as a professional, Movie Director/Producer/Singer Writer/Author/Artist/Author/News Anchor/ Singer. Dorlac says, she plans to have fun presenting great entertainment to the entire world! Dorlac has authored one book of five Titled, Pandora's Diary 1. Which has been sold all over many parts of the world. Marilyn is also a Member of the Writers Guild of America since 2010, where she will continue and remain a Member Exclusively, Dorlac adds. Dorlac adds, since taking the Entertainment Law class at UCLA, I have finally learned a lot about the entertainment Business, thanks to my teacher, Mr.

Dorlac says, way back then when she was younger, "I went into a Security Pacidic Bank, once to get a loan, and they told me in 5 minutes that they couldn't give me any money becasue, I didn't have any colateral. Wow, I was devistated. I told my mom, don't worry, I'm not going to cry, I will make it happen some way mom'. "That's how the NATIVE AMAZON PRODUCTIONS LLC,' was created!" Dorlac stated.

It's apparent that there has been many set-backs for Dorlac, but she vows, that she is back now like a vengence! Just like she vowed to her mother, she is going to make a "real" for big screen movie one day!

When asked what else does Dorlac want to acheive in her career, she says, " I want to be a role model for the less fortunate girls and women and people all over the world, and teach them that they can to do what I have done in my life if they focus and stay determined. and Not ever give up on their dreams! Continues, "I want to enspire them as she has in her own life was inspired by many actors like Oprah Whinefry, Danny Glover, Spike Lee, John Voit, as Dorlac recalls of Voit in his leading role in the movie, The Water is Wide. Dorlac adds, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste!"

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